Review of merchant services and banking

SJ is a Swedish travel partner that offers sustainable train travel, both as an independent operator and in collaboration with others. SJ is one of Sweden’s most sustainable brands and is helping Sweden achieve its climate goals. The Groups 5400 employees in Sweden and Norway enable lots of people to choose train travel, which is the most sustainable mode of transport for longer journeys.

SJ is a private limited company owned by the Swedish government and tasked with operating profitable public railway transport.

Bankbrokers helped us with a review and evaluation of our bank set-up including card acquiring.
It have been most valuable for us to be able to rely on Bankbrokers expertise and competence in this process. The analysis presented to us by Bankbrokers was very clear and accessible in all aspects and the information was evaluated objectively with a great sense for SJ as a customer and for our suppliers.
The project have resulted in big cost savings with a continued focus on quality and proactivity in our relationship with our bank.

Martin Andersson, Head of Treasury