Merchant Services

Your “go-to” consultancy in a fast-paced market​

The payments market is evolving at breakneck speed. We guide you safely through the maze
of new payment methods, new technology and the increasing number of sales channels. ​

Our Merchant Services


New fintech and payment solutions are surfacing constantly. We stay at the forefront and help you navigate the world of payments to facilitate informed, objective decisions, individual solutions and fair pricing.​

Independent Advice

We are independent and on your side. We have the resources and incentive to tailor the best, individual solutions for our customers – even if the solution dilutes the providers’ earnings.

International Database

With over 2,500 international projects under our belt, we base our recommendations on in-depth insight into the providers revenue sources and cost structures, solid empirical data and rich experience.

Product Knowledge

We look beyond the product portfolio of your current providers. And have access to exclusive solutions that are not always offered to customers unsolicited.

Experience and Expertise

You get unique access to inside track knowledge with team members from global banking roles, industry experts in all aspects of banking and payments, as well as a team of international analysts and project managers.

Unique Analytical Tools

We have developed our own, unique
analytical tools and financial models, which enable us to conduct complex financial calculations, which is a necessity to deliver the best results for our clients

Extensive Network

You will benefit from our extensive international network of providers from which we can source the best solutions for you.

Hard to keep track of the changing payments landscape?

The Plethora of

Merchant Services Solutions

The payments ecosystem comprises many
different providers and the range of payment
methods is increasing rapidly with significant
variation across countries.

Bankbrokers’ expertise includes all the products
and services you would typically need to receive
payments from consumers.

Our latest


Debt Consultancy

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Debt advisory Renewcell

Debt Consultancy

Debt Advisory Beijer Electronics Group

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We support our clients in all areas of banking and merchant services. Whether you want to reduce costs, optimise payment solutions or need support with debt financing, Bankbrokers is your trusted, international and independent partner.

Benchmarking & Renegotiation

We help you reduce the costs of banking and merchant services through improved pricing and optimised solutions. 

  • Cost analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Renegotiation
  • Tailormade solutions
Merchant Services Advisory

We help you reduce the costs of banking and merchant services through improved pricing and optimised solutions. 

  • Future-proof infrastructure
  • Optimise backend processes
  • Monetise payment data
  • Improve customer experience
Debt Consultancy

We help you to meet your vusiness goals, by ensuring you have a flexible, fair and tailored funding structure in place.

  • Debt structure design
  • Application preparation
  • Market analysis of options
  • Help with final selection