Merchant services advise for Elkjøp Nordic

Elkjøp Nordic (known as Elgiganten in Sweden) is the leading consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics. The company mostly sell consumer electronics, mobile phones, computers, white goods, domestic appliances, kitchen (Epoq), and services linked to these products both directly to consumers and to businesses. Elkjøp Nordic are an omnichannel retailer and serve their customers both online and through our more than 400 stores.

When we decided to consolidate the acquiring of credit cards in the Nordic countries, it was a natural choice to receive assistance from Bankbrokers. They added considerable expertise regarding the different suppliers, the market and what prices that a multi-billion retailer should achieve.

Bankbrokers assisted in producing tender documents, meetings with potential suppliers, assembly of the offer and the final negotiations. We experienced that the processes were managed efficiently and resulted in a highly competitive deal.

Marianne Kurås, CFO

Elkjøp Nordic